• saahilc078 10w

    So unheard
    Yet you find yourself heard
    Such a static world
    And you move like its your last time you could
    Trying to speak
    You are but in yourself
    Trying to move
    But mocked and fallen
    You hear those tunes again
    You get up
    As the voice inside asks you to
    Fight once again
    Give it all you can
    And you will lose again
    Keep losing
    One day you will give up
    But you will find it all
    In yourself
    And it will all be static
    Never like before
    As your heart beats
    You dont need to give any more to it
    Found yourself again
    Such a lost soul you ask for
    Found yourself again
    Such a long lasting pain
    And all you did was stood still in time
    Such a lonely space
    And all you did was stopped in hell
    You've found yourself again
    You will never lose yourself again
    You have found it once more
    You will keep it alive in vein
    And you will give it all up
    To have it all again