• bhavita090 10w


    Let the fire o' your soul
    Speak to the demons in your head,
    Let this moist desires o' your heart
    Be adamant,
    Let this incessant scuffle be seen
    By the others all your your mien.
    Take a deep breath, thank your god
    For providing you with beautiful
    Opportunities in life.
    Let your aspiration for you goal keeps on burnin', burnin' enormously without hindrance in height.
    Optimistic people gains success,
    And our inner demons knows it well.
    Be a dolphin o' ocean
    Adorable and quite but
    Unpredictable to the one who is
    Vulnerable and furious.
    Love yourself for who you are, being brave and strong is the only option you have.
    B'cz this is the thin' which'll lead you ahead
    In life.
    Strength is not in you, strength is you o' your life,
    Stop getting' angry and destructive tell yourself to have patience and control;
    Over all you riskin'
    Fly with bright colors,
    Cart your own Aura,
    And let the world follow you
    As flora and fauna.