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    Unslept Night What I See Further?
    Isn't That's All The Tears? But What's The Reason?
    Ephemeral Night How Much Do It Last?
    Till The Dawn All I See.
    Tip-Tap On The Roof I Find It Decent As
    The Answer For My Every Loop,
    Soaking Now In The Rain, In The Cold What I Received?
    All Calmness And The The Beats.
    Beats? Rising Beats?
    What Else You Consider To Come With Cold?
    Rising Beats, Aches, Decaying Soul, This All, All I Know.
    Wish I Could Stop It Or Cool It Down,
    I'm Sorry But I Can't Do So,
    Everything Is Fading With The Opaque
    Just You See And Let It Go....

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    December Rain

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