• allegories_of_subhankar 45w

    You live a life to reflect infront of your siblings.. make sure ur mirror is not broken into peices

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    Sparrow envied eagle,
    For his keen vison..
    He envied albatross,
    For his long and strong wings ...
    And then vulture for Their brutle claws
    Parrot for their colour...

    Never saw himself in mirror,
    Old age welcomed him...
    He envied his own child

    Carried alot of unnecessary pain,
    Met an old wise crane....
    "My friend, u wasted your youth ...
    Look at your reflection and make sure its not broken
    There is no need to look at someone's shadow, your child will be your mirror
    Trust me, thats the truth ...."

    With all his fear he wiped clean his mirrrors,
    To set a new life with strong pillers....