• jasondulac_slampoet 35w


    Early morning sitting on the couch. Listening to Green Day and feeling like a grouch. Looking at the ice outside saying to myself do I really have to go out? Of course I do. I can’t stay here all day like you. Staying inside will make me go insane. The longer I’m in this house the more I rot my brain.

    At one time this place was my prison. That was back when I didn’t socialize. Back when I couldn’t say I had a life. Back then I was so depressed I couldn’t even write. So many nights I wanted to take my own life.

    But now I stand up and fight. I have friends by my side. Even though Ill admit I still push them away at times. I know it’s a flaw one I still have to work on. I know things can still go wrong. Recovery is a cycle of ups downs fighting to be around but never afraid to hit the ground.