• sewn_creak 49w

    Ik its really messy here.... Apologies.... I had started this poem in diff. state of mind and I had to complete it before today so I did it completely another state of mind.... Just love this poem enough... Happy New Year!!! (in advance) stay happy, healthy, blessed and kind... Be determined and strong... Wish you all lots of luck and love....
    #keepsmilling ��

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    What are your 2018 plans?

    To keep me friend zoned?
    Or to let me be on my own?

    Are you gonna start with new story?
    Will I have a part in it, at least temporary?

    So many choices, what will you choose?
    If you ask me, you are the one am scared to loose.

    You will have fantastic year without me, do you believe?
    Just tell me yes and silently I will leave.

    To see you happy and healthy is my new year resolution.
    Can anyone seriously love someone so secretly, truly, and without any conditions?