• _mansi__mishra_ 6w

    So Indians out there are celebrating independence day right??ohkay! Just because we got Freedom somewhat 74 years ago , are we still enjoying the freedom today also??
    What sought of freedom and independence we are celebrating where a girl today also can't step out of her house after 9 just because of fear of getting raped? A random boy can't lift his eyes up because he himself doesn't know who is going to mention him in the tag " all men are dogs and boys are same".How weird but still today is happy independence day. Talking about freedom when women don't have freedom to speak about their periods in open and still are restricted for that bloody 1 week.no matter what but Independence is today also celebrated even if a boy has to sacrifice his love just because of caste. When still stereotypes are prioritized. When children are not open with their own parents to talk about the shit going on in their life! Just because they have to hear saari glti tumhari hogi . Still it's independence and we are free in a country were still there is a barrier of star kids and ordinary people but Indians call them free right?? And still the women are a topic of fun just because their strap of bra is visible and boys are still called ' joru Ka gulam '!! Because they genuinely love someone and do care .we are free and celebrate Independence when boys group standing at the corner of the road is called awara but agr khud ki bahu pr uska devar batmeezi kre is titled as yh sab to chlta rhta h.
    And isn't it funny after all this we wish happy independence day and the day of our freedom