• jojos_tiny_chapter 5w


    Let me love you in silence,
    from afar
    like a deer
    hiding in the forest,
    peeking out
    at the mysteries of the world.
    Imagining we could sit together,
    In dark and warm
    between light and shade.
    While letting the silence
    fill the room like oxygen
    embrace the nothing,
    and my lips tell silent stories
    that you may understand.
    From distance
    our hearts shall speak this way,
    Telling you everything
    Without a language
    Yet you understand
    Every little tiring thought.
    Because, once in this silence,
    You were entangled
    In the labyrinth of my mind
    and accidentally
    read the map of my soul
    that guide you
    to my deepest caverns
    and hidden covered trails
    for no one else to find.
    In this stillness
    I shall melt myself into you
    to answer the quietness
    with my whispers
    which always brings me back to you,
    and you to me.
    In this silence we remain
    unfazed, unmoved, unruffled
    liberating what lies entrapped forever.
    Mindless of what's to come
    in the sureness of our faith...