• prose_of_soul 10w

    Life makes you reach a stage
    Sometimes too soon or too late
    Where who stays with you
    Doesn't bothers at all..
    With a smile over face you let go of all
    You know who visit you with a purpose
    You know how each individual thinks of you
    But still it's ok with you as it's ok with them
    For some you can be a topic of gossip
    Some can adore you, some don't get your ideology
    But this shows their reflection not yours
    You can meet a bunch of those who will dissappoint you but there are many who will restore your lost faith....
    Walking your journey of life with those handful of genuine hearts
    You just raise your head and take those steps...
    For what matters is moving... Till those breaths function.....
    .... Their opinions are not my concern...��

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    They gave me a hundred reasons not to trust.... But few came and changed my entire thoughts...