• preetygoswami 10w

    Aahhh..!! Today's day

    A special day again today.....
    Nothing happened today just someone made it special..
    Someone said without saying that i am very special ..
    It was a good feeling but something remained untouched...

    There was a lot to say but i was afraid that my words did not seem to be false
    I also tried to explain without saying... but the words took the place of my deeds
    And something remained untouched...........

    Only few words for that someone...

    If i did fight but never try to leave uh in anger... fir mairi jaan bhot khaas hai tu...
    If i say i dont hope anything from uh and yet i wait for your text restlessly....fir chutiye bhot khaas h tu ..

    I swear i wud have killed uh.. pr mairi jaan kya kru tu single piece h yaar ..