• sagacious_miss 25w

    The learned men say,
    "They come for a reason.
    Maybe for a day or a season."
    I hold no objections, absolutely none,
    Some be the moon and some be the sun.

    So I pen down my views about three,
    I met in a long journey of 18 years, you see.

    Number one,
    She's a girl, once she was closest to my heart,
    Lemme call her 'first time breaker', yeah cause she was first to break my heart.
    I called her my BEST FRIEND,
    But she walked in a reverse motion leaving me at the dead end.
    She taught me nothing, but to trust people a little less.
    She made me believe, that I'm a terrible mess.
    I left her, she left me,
    Just like a broken shell hitting the shore of the sea.

    Number two,
    My Ex,
    yeah someone who promised a forever,
    But abandoned my heart like ever.
    He took me to the hill top, to adore the view,
    And told me that I'm a bird, who can fly high like few.
    So I, dropped down from the hill top,
    And landed abruptly, shattered like the water thristy crops.
    I was flightless bird, a little less than a bird.
    Landed amongst the herd.

    Here I write about one among them,
    He's my green emerald, shinning like a true gem.
    He helped me discover my inner soul,
    And always makes pudding to fill my bowl.
    He told me broken shell are the strongest,
    Because, the high and low tides makes them the boldest.
    I'm a terrestrial animal, land is my place.
    Sky is not my land, there I'll not find solace.
    He told me, I'm beautiful mess,
    I should adore me, a bit more and not a little less.
    Through all my variables, he's my constant.

    For now, I have these people imprinted on my mind and heart,
    Memories with them fail to part.
    Some stay, some leave.
    Tremendous grieve.
    But we gotta smile,
    Today let's rest and tomorrow walk an extra mile.

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