• manju_lata_05 6w

    Love at class eight ( part 3 )

    The proposal

    One day, I got a chance to stay home alone .
    My mom was to stay back in her school for she was the principal and the warden was absent.
    I called my best friend over, along with her Nokia cell yeah the button one .
    Called him that evening finally after so long.
    As soon as we started our conversation,
    "Your family will accept me as your husband for sure, right ?" He questioned me .
    "What !" I shouted ?
    "Yeah, don't u love me ?" He asked , and continued, " I thought u did ! "
    "I didn't say no either." I said feeling shy .
    "You didn't propose me ?" I asked him surprisingly before he said something .
    "I knew that you loved me as much I did, so I had already proposed you the day I came to your house first time. And you had accepted it too when you saved me from your mom."
    I was so impressed .
    I was going on falling in love more and more with each passing day.

    To be continued.......stay tuned .....