• deepakpathania 10w


    We are the banished monkeys,
    The one's who couldn't stay,
    On the trees with more capable,
    We survived on leftovers,
    Until we learned to walk,
    And to eat whatever we could,
    We evolved yet our primal instincts,
    They remain the same,
    Scared and rejected,
    Greedy and selfish,
    Full of vengeance,
    The freedom we celebrate,
    Is over the dead bodies,
    Conquering and capturing,
    Then multiply and expand endlessly,
    Also carrying the genes of capitalism,
    The very reason of our evolution,
    Is to transform into complicated,
    And chaotic system with high entropy,
    A system impossible to define,
    Disrupt natural equilibrium,
    A complete contrast to other living species,
    Becoming a weapon of mass destruction,
    And it all started with our incapability,
    To climb that tree, coz we are designed to be WMD!