• whoisthis 6w

    His name's Mr. Magic. He looks good in black, feels most at home in the dark and is everyone's favorite mystery of the zodiac.

    His eyes are the color of lightening, he doesn't care to look at you but if his eyes were to meet with yours he is known to just like thunder leave you frigthened with no peace of mind.

    He likes to turn himself into liquid. Warm and sweet like the sort of rain that only arrives on the warmest summer day. He falls down on you and seeps through any cracks he can find.

    Make only a single step towards to give him a closer look and you could get stuck, wrapped up in his love trap.

    Before you realise his tricks, it is too late he's folding himself around you. Holding you down tight and strong with his eight arms and legs.

    You just met and now there's nothing left of you but what lays deepest inside, and now he is in there too, making the bed for both of you.