• roxana91 10w

    Look at the sky

    Look at the sky,
    Look for the stars.
    I found my freedom
    Breaking the rules.

    They taught us when we were little
    To walk with our heads down,
    Forgetting what it is like to look at the height,
    Beyond heavy clouds.

    Look at a flower,
    Look at the bird,
    Which competes with another
    Using its wings.

    We could claim that happiness
    Does not bring high expectations,
    And that we can only be happy
    With a ray that touches our heartbeat in.

    Look at an old photo,
    And it will be hard for you,
    To believe that you are no longer
    The same, even though it is your smile.

    Read the letter you wrote
    But you didn't read to anyone,
    Did the feelings fit in the same way?

    Stop running and rest your heart,
    Take your time and listen
    To what your life always wanted.