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    #horror #flying302006 this is my friend who hates horror stories

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    1) yay!! Its mr tatruntula, my sons points at the tv, but I have never heard about this show. I wonder as he laughs at the blank tv screen gleaming black and white.
    2) the opera starts singing, the hall is dusty and hazy. The audience seem dead, as if they are lifeless. When ringmaster comes and grabs me, as I realize i am the only human here.
    3) I am in a haunted house game at cherry road. If you survive you get a prize, then my sister calls her friend up who told her about this. She keeps her phone down and says "sis the game house is in cherry lane not cherry road, which house is this??
    4) my two kids follow me to pick fresh apples from our garden, when I see this bodies under the tree, with pale faces and blood all over. The two beings behind me turn into giants and touch me.
    5) I stole and ate the delicious red meat lunch in a white box from the fridge belonging to my patient Tara. I enter the operating room for Tara's heart transplant when the nurse says that someone stole the heart from the fridge, it was kept in a white box