• griotzaki 5w

    The Mechanic

    Attracted to broken people,
    some with missing souls ,
    others with missing parts ,
    Oil leaking from their chassis ,
    some with milage on their hearts .

    Roll up in my garage ,
    These are not scars,
    these are my war paint,
    these are only beauty marks
    I wear my pain as a badge.

    I am equip,
    to clean rusted chrome,
    to give you a jump start ,
    grease your brake pads
    and take a peep at that exhaust pipe.

    I know you are exhausted,
    I can hear the rumbling in your engine,
    you have been roaming these streets all night .
    As your last driver ; was drunk and almost end your life.

    You were left wondering
    wandering ,
    unsure if you will encounter a good mechanic.
    with compassion , with the proper skill set...
    One that will give that vintage body respect.
    Buffer out every dent,
    Open my garage door and let you exit.

    As broken cars never stay ,
    after being restored ,
    the mechanic was allow them to continue along their way.