• the_relinquished_child 6w

    Bonds Don't

    As serotonin dips,
    Further below the trenches of my brain
    And fades as unrecognisable as dawn and dusk
    Time and again
    Arises a feared question;
    What's my trigger?
    Do strong emotions always need to be pinned to pulsatile hormonal imbalance?
    Some sentiments recede before recognition
    While some make me write drafts to be deleted later
    And two or a dozen are companions that refuse to die down.
    The necessity to categorize alas is fatal enough to reduce me to a criteria
    Dare to defy. Drown in the chaos , I will
    Fragile I am in this conformational world
    And with a baggage of unexpressed feelings
    Perhaps if communication wasn't a 50- 50 agreement
    And you came close enough to peep carefully
    I might still not be a breeze
    Cause harsh are those damned emotions
    And if you persisted a little longer
    I am afraid you would regard accurately
    That I might not have a visible silver lining.
    Despite millions of articulate reflections and pillows soaked with salty tears
    I cannot bury the fear of abandonment
    Madness runs in the blood
    Bonds don't unfortunately.