• granite_ghost_ 23w

    The last

    Boots polished, laces tightened,
    I was walking through towards the auditorium,
    I was so numb in that tuxedo,
    I was in a state of illusion of those chats,
    I was getting ready to fail again coz a few minutes hence after a meal I won't ever see you daily in that uniform,
    I won't roam around that corridor to search for that junior,
    I won't linger to find those specs,
    I wont..

    The farewell is the last when you wish me luck and I'll fail to say it .....

    And it's today...
    And unlike any other story of mine will fail to unfold the map of the beautiful journey that I could dream of,
    I won't be able to crawl out of that feeling I caught with that photo,
    That photo, that rain, that wind nothing is there in this story,
    It's just a corridor and a instagram profile that is going to haunt me if I don't let it out on time.

    That night started to get colder and stoned,
    I was so different when I was not even into these,
    I once was a guy with nothing,
    And that's something that never changed,
    That unchanged fact got me strangled in a no confidence motion of self doubt,
    That I am not worth anyone!
    That's my fear,
    Because if you go baby I'll be that leaf fallen down of a tree,
    Drying to burn in a stash to dead ash,
    And then I won't be just able to stop myself from falling,
    I will be that stranger searching for space in houses to their bells ringing,
    To get my thirst out I'll be begging to fetch a drop for drinking,
    I'll be dying,

    The wind kept on gazing when I failed to let my words out,
    I was in that same situation,
    Bow untied in my hand,
    Top button open,
    Suit getting wrinkled and wet in that rain,
    As I regret sitting down alone on that terrace and hiding in that rain,
    Words kept on storming the situation,
    Breaking me more to as I get nothing to relate myself to,
    So I keep my connections off too,
    I kept hiding since that day and now I still think,
    Why couldn't I say?