• lee_swallowtail 6w

    Exercise: #444
    Step 1: Go download your choice of fool's dog tarot apps.
    Step 2: On a special day at 4:44 (your choice (AM | PM)), be ready.
    Step 3: Draw as many cards as you like during that one minute.
    Step 4: Write a poem on here after sharing what you may have found

    #readwriteunite #444inspiring #circleoffourths

    Can't wait to read what happens!

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    - X- be prepared when the wheel turns in her favoru
    - Isn't it better I forgot her name b4 we starte d dating?
    - Xiv followed by 2squared frees daemons to apply better logic to simple minds
    - star between 10 and 2 good yoga different from good looking