• bey5151 10w

    It doesn't matter

    I'm with my saturated watch the clockwork of the wall moving slowly
    But even though the movement is so smooth he won't wait for me.
    I'm with the night dew grabbing the sky for me to wipe
    But it's too far for my hands even if it's all in my chest.
    I'm with the land where I'm standing, flirting with the stars with my eyes in his direction.
    But the star instead went away and the light dimmed.
    Me and my lips are trying to smile
    But the veins on my face were stiff following the silence of the night.
    Me and my brain are trying to translate reality.
    But it was only a moment before my brain died.
    Now all that's left is my stupidity.
    And pensible staring at dreams
    What is now lost is buried deep in the heart

    Right now I understand that...

    I'm a fire if without air from you then I must die
    While you are alive even drifting high
    I'm a loyal beach waiting for the waves from you.
    And stay patient as your waves go and it happens over and over again.
    I am a embers without red light from you, and I am only dust lost by the wind.
    I'm a morning dew that's just a moment between coolness.
    And you're my sun when your heat touches me and then I'm gone without a trace.
    But I'm not going to complain even if it's a pain that stays.