• _skywalker_ 9w



    The name in itself sounded special
    knowing that it belonged to you
    and the first time when you asked me my name I almost forgot
    I was carried away by the powerful winds of your beauty
    although I sat there, close to you, but I was not there
    I was lost in the sea of imagination
    when I got to know that your level in education was superior to mine
    I felt there might be failure in my imagined course
    and yes there was failure
    when you called my emotions weired
    but I didn't stop right there, I kept Hoping
    a hope that didn't yield any results
    I spoke less, slept less, I stopped being the normal me and got to the extreme stage of abnormal Julius
    those days
    those days were unlike other days
    I didn't blame myself and I couldn't blame nature either although we both had a hand in it
    time they say, heals
    Yes, I got healed
    but that wound could open anytime
    I used to think that my imagined course diverted all because it started in a chapel
    but now I understand that nature got bored and toyed with my emotions
    but why me?
    that question remains unanswered
    unanswered, for a long time to come.