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    How to live?

    As per Whatsapp chat of buddies.

    Nationalist friend 1: Well said! # Boycott China . Get rid of all software's like apps(tiktok) in a week and hardware like phone etc in a year. This is our responsibility

    Nationalist friend 2: Hey, I am using Remove China Apps to get rid of Chinese apps. If you want the same try using the app by clicking


    Bharat : What about export and Import?
    In my opinion It's the time to be more compassionate and help one another leaving aside our labels of countries, religion and political views.
    You may differ with one another on various grounds but health, environment, happiness, joy and also human sufferings are part of each living being. If you can then please spread compassion, love and peace❤️❤️❤️

    Nationalist friend 1: Thats the eternal truth. But last time India started singing Hindi cheeni Bhai Bhai, propagated by Nehru, China attacked and defeated India

    Bharat : We all are children of one God and having one eternal spirit. We may name that God differently at various parts of the world. That is why we must respect every human being as well. Remember karma law. ❤️

    Nationalist friend 1:They are communists, they do not believe in God or allow anyone to practice religion. Tibet and Xianjing are just one examples. So even if we think we believe in one God and one religion, we should still oppose the Chinese Communist party.

    Bharat: So just get the import and export banned and we can do it....
    Meanwhile I will keep reminding my own self that I remain spiritual and do not disrespect any human life.

    Nationalist friend 2: Bharat you sound like baba ji

    Bharat : you and me alike lekin tumne sirf school waale Bharat ko school mien he jaante the wo thappad maarne mien vishwas rakhta tha bhai. Ladaiyaan bhi is poore group mien se kisi se bhi jyada ladi hain aur pitai mien shuru se vishwas rakha tha bhai. Gawah tum saare ho But if I can transform I believe 300% that anyone can. Praying for all

    Nationalist friend 2: China aur Pakistan don't understand peace and harmony. they need to teach a lesson.

    Nationalist friend 1 : Even Arjuna in Mahabharat was talking peace and harmony. Krishna Bhagwan had to instill in him that if the war is enforced on us, even by brothers and if we think we are righteous and they are not, we should still pick up our arms. In China's case we should atleast oppose and say we are not push overs or weak.

    Bharat : The fight is always between world of jungle which is governed by jungle law and world of humanity which is governed by law of humanity. Krishna also spoke about the law of Karma so let's talk about what the eternal God's spirit. It was to end human sufferings.
    Rest I believe that law of humanity will win. That's the reason even the gods were born to show the right example of how to live in this world.