• joan53 9w

    The Flesh VS The Spirit

    Breathe in deep
    The predator within awakes
    Breathe out the emptiness inside
    Divides the flesh and spirit
    Rumblings like a pending earthquake
    Or an angry lioness is heard
    And felt

    Breathe in deep
    The smell of chicken in the oven
    The empty pit inside awakens
    Growling, gurgling, rumbles
    The knees weakens, the beast strengthens
    The animal starts to feed
    On itself

    Grouchy bear goes searching
    Checks the time, almost done
    Racing to get things ready
    The smells gets stronger now
    The beasts starts to salivate
    Breathe in, breathe out, the beast ready
    To pounce

    The oven opens, the heat, the smell
    Overwhelms and every nerve tingles
    In anticipation for what it needs
    Rumblings and hunger pangs are acute
    The plate overfills with tasty aroma
    Teeth barrs its need and starts to devour
    Its prey

    Beast satiated into passivity
    The spirit groans with it's own stuffing
    Sleep overwhelms the beast.
    And the spirit surrenders to the flesh
    Though there are things to do, silence
    Again, the spirit is strong, but the flesh
    Is weak