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    LUCKY: I don't understand you ESH, What made you to say him that no one will stand by his side. You just don't understand that if goodness invites someone will they say "No".

    LILY: Poor guy, you use him for your work and still don't even have the heart to console him in distress.

    SATAN: SHAKTHI! If I will start consoling each time, he will become a child and will expect me in all his hurdles. He is the one who would do lots of work for me in the future if he fulfills all my conditions, which is also impossible for him. Then why I do this things with him because I want to see what he will really do when distress knocks him down because if he has to be with me, then he should learn how he can stay with me permanently. I don't want to lose him because he is a talented guy or else how would have he got me in this place and would try to make me great when the whole world sees me in totally a different aspect opposite of his imagination. He is trying to see the good in the bad.