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    Take me to some faraway spot my affection...
    Take me to some place exceptionally a long way from here
    Where there will be just love and delicate breeze...
    Where the sky will rain favors on us

    It is known to me, that
    My face is the tranquility of your brain
    You are additionally mixed in my blood running in my veins...
    Indeed, we are far, however you are near my heart

    The aspiration to acquire cash is likewise an energy really
    How might I portray your honesty with words?
    I realize you are concerned at the present time
    However, don't lose confidence, don't be steamed by any stretch of the imagination

    Remain next to me, continue holding my hand
    Try not to lay down with mournful eyes at evenings dear
    You are Cherry's darling, you shouldn't cry
    We used to tune in to music on headphone together

    One earbud was in your ear and other one was in mine
    You used to keep your head on my chest
    Also, you'd attempt to join the stars in a fanciful manner
    To draw pictures on sky

    I recollect every one of those, I haven't overlooked anything
    Avoiding you, I feel a vacancy
    I am simply compelled to remain far, I'm not a miscreant
    Try not to lose your expectations, I will come to you

    Much the same as a parched voyager gets water in desert
    As finding a bit of recognition after somebody dear's passing
    As getting another breath to somebody who'd be chocked soon
    We will meet this way (we'll meet with this kinda feeling)...


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