• _sky_blue_ 7w

    Sparkle back!

    He talk about his mood swings which lasts not for a day or for weeks but for months and months..
    Does that mean he is not even into me much, or is it just my own insecurities and suspicion !

    He talk about getting that sparkle back he used to have with me earlier..
    Does that mean i am not sparking much now or is it again just an insecure reverse mentality of mine that makes me think opposite of even positive words !

    He donot talk about our future and to some extent our goals donot align which was an active part of our dialogue before and now the conversation on this topic sounds more & more short term like just the shortest reply one can get.
    Does this mean this is the major indicator that our minds are in different places !
    Indifference crawling more into him or is it just that our goals and dreams are less aligning right now which might grow exactly when required..!

    He talk about what i did to ruin our relation before..
    Does that mean he never noticed the efforts i made and still making to set everything work well as before !
    No destruction is one sided and even if it is so, What effort or spark is needed to set a rosy garden without thorns !?