• strangledsoul 5w

    sometimes, we too drunken in our realm that we forget there someone else too, holding onto us in bad times when everybody we used to call as ours now roam around with the stranger tag slung to their senses.

    I too did the same when I forgot that she too had suffered and felt what I had, the time we went through earlier.
    She burst out in tears maybe more than me which I was unable to notice in that silent rain showered on the night we never supposed of appearing this way.

    She cried the whole night puzzled in the way of telling me to either go away or trust her and accept the reality.

    From that day onward, I try hard in every way whenever rain again pours to see if she again shedding tears, not of separation rather happiness remembering our best times.

    P.S- I don't know if I am worth her love or not. However, the alone time haunts my nights with ample darkness to conquer the leftover heart with little life throbbing blood in veins with all love she nurtured me with at the times when we were Just Us.

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    Can you see her shedding
    tears out of the eyes in this
    uneventful rain pouring
    down the window?