• somethinginthenothingness 6w

    A Love like this

    I thought I'd weave words in a poem,
    To say some simple things to you.
    2 to 3 days, some intense words exchanged,
    And I feel it's been ages since I've known you.
    Something draws me closer to you,
    I feel like pouring out my heart and sharing my soul story with you,
    Is this a facade, or is this real, I'm questioning all the things this path might entail...
    It feels like it's been ages since I've felt this kind of pull,
    It's so magnetic,
    Iike a small spark, that can light me up from within!
    It scares me that it might be tragic,
    Unreal and too surreal.
    I've been so dark, so dead, so lost,
    It scares my inner demons, that I might find a place to call home!?

    Theres worldly difference between you and I, theres experience, theres age, things this sadistic culture won't easily embrace..
    Still there are parts of me that want to learn you inside out,
    Even with all the what ifs, my souls jumping up and down!!
    There are tingles and butterflies,
    In all my emptiness,
    A slight feeling of happiness,
    Of missings and musings.

    I've never even met you,
    Never heard your voice,
    Yet your soul feels so familiar,
    Like just maybe its mine,
    And trust me it's a big thing to express because I'm as cold as ice.

    I was comfortably lost,
    I knew I won't ever be found,
    I'm scared now because your holding that torch and I'm afraid I'll be found. .