• sober_on__rum 23w

    She has the beauty that can amaze countless men
    She has the strength to handle troubles and carries burdens when perils begin...

    She holds happiness, love and rigid opinions
    She smiles when she feels like screaming
    She's fierce like a scorpion...

    She cries when she's happy
    She laughs when she's a afraid
    She sings when she feels like crying
    She fights for what she believes in...

    Though she has a broken heart
    Her love is unconditional
    she has a beautiful soul
    And eyes that are mystical...

    Is she not a perfect being?
    She just has one draw back
    She often forgets what she is worth
    That one thing she will always lack...

    @sugarbunch @soul_sensations @poetess_for_you

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