• sparkz 23w

    [WIP] The Phantom: Prologue

    It was day like any other. New Pride City was bustling to the brim with everyday businessmen, groups of city kids, skipping along to school in their cliques, and the occasional street performers, looking to gain their daily salary.

    "Hey Tom," a suit holding the daily paper, piped up, "Check this". The fellow suit, now named Tom, looked at the headline of "PRIDE AND JOY", the top paper of the city, read "PHANTOM SIGHTED: GUARDIAN ANGEL OR MONSTER IN HIDING?"

    "You really believe this BS, Dave?", Tom remarked, brushing off the report.

    "I don't know, but it's still entertaining to read on. The press, media, everyone and everything can't be going insane over something so imaginary."

    "I guess, but if he did exist, don't you think he would've been caught by now? I mean, he's still got to be human."

    Just as the two men were talking, a cargo truck passed by them at what felt like the speed of light, crashing through the busy traffic. Bystanders would most likely take them for loonies. And while they actually were, their actions had nothing to do with their damaged goods upstairs.

    No no, for they were panicked. Panicked for their lives. For you see, there was an unexpected guest making it's way to their ride.

    "Shit, shit, shit!, I knew this was a bad idea!" The driver exclaimed.

    "Oh c'mon, you know he's a night person, I know he's a night person, how do you think we'd know that today of all days he'd stop being a fuckin owl!", his passenger replied in a mixture of anger, shock, and fear.

    "The day we'd decided it'd be a good idea to stash those imported goods! "C'mon no one will notice it, it's at the docks" you said, "Those sailors are little bitches, they'll go down easy" you said, "who can stop us, them coppers" you sa-"


    They were interrupted by something. Two words that, one of their henchmen located in the in the cargo shouted. Two words that would automatically turn the duo to a pale silence.

    "It's him!"

    No words followed this proclamation, rather, they were followed by various grunts, yells of pain, and loud thuds that were followed by a sudden, eerie silence.

    That was then followed by footsteps.

    The steps themselves felt off. Cold, calculated, quiet, slowly getting ever so louder. Then something truly peculiar occurred.

    The footsteps, they were stopped suddenly. And then there was a gasp. A gasp for air. As though someone was experiencing... a heart attack.

    The two in front looked at each other. They couldn't exactly know what to say. But they both saw this as an opportunity. A slim one, but an opportunity nononetheless.

    They pulled into a deep alleyway, pulled out their pair of handguns and quickly went to the back of their ride.

    (AN: This is not finished, not even close. Hell, I don't even know if the name Phantom will stick, for there's already a super hero named Phantom sooooo... Yeah.. Well anyway I would really appreciate any critiques eviews so I can grow. For now I guess I'm signing out)