• tmdisarro 6w


    Dividing lines formed in our minds
    With careful planning so sublime
    Creating space that never was
    The distance between hate and love

    The words we learn as drugs we're fed
    To form opinions in our heads
    So slow and steady drip by drip
    The sense of self will surely slip

    Into collective beehive thought
    Not questioning the lies we’re taught
    Not knowing Why or Where or How
    As lessons from the days of Mao

    For minds are fractured over time
    And hate's accepted line by line
    With Music, Movies, News we hear
    Createing constant states of fear

    For fear becomes as molding clay
    To shape the things we feel and say
    To take the blessings of the free
    And trade them for security

    But saviors come in many forms
    As lies that fly and words that swarm
    Convincing us we’re doing fine
    While strengthening Dividing Lines

    Invisible this fence of fate
    So shocked and mindfucked as we wait
    For answers we can’t understand
    The distance between God and man

    We only know what we've been told
    The same lines from the days of old
    Yet love transcends what hate defines
    To rise above dividing lines

    We crave the things that satisfy
    And pledge allegiance to a lie
    To bless the page and curse the word
    And gravitate to what’s absurd

    While compromising with our pens
    To win acceptance from our friends
    As networks choose the lines we draw
    With blood that flows like mine and yours

    And if you search you'll notice how
    There's nothing changed from then to now
    A sad refrain plays by and by
    To conquer love you must divide

    Who taught me how we can't be friends
    Who showed me how a good life ends
    We only know what we've been told
    A perfect dream that we've been sold

    A perfect world
    A perfect lie
    Another day we say goodbye
    How many more will have to die
    The distance between you and I

    As money men with crooked spines
    Eat our souls and steal our time
    Fanning flames for weaker minds
    Where words explode as if land mines

    Inciting violence by design
    Pull the wool to keep us blind
    But love transcends what hate defines
    To rise above dividing lines

    TM DiSarro

    ©2020 TM DiSarro/MindScapes Publishing

    Photo Collage by TM DiSarro

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