• hafsatou 5w

    My feelings

    The feelings that I have for you won't seem to go away
    I lay down and wish this thoughts away
    I don't know how much more of this I can take
    You tell me you miss me, then turn me away
    How I am supposed to handle these feelings?
    How am I supposed to live my life like this?
    You say that you want me, but then you change your mind
    You say that you are thankful for me, but then shut me out
    These feelings I feel are so damn real
    I'm tired of these feelings 
    I'm tired of my feelings getting hurt
    Feelings **** 
    I hate the way I feel for you 
    I hate that I go back to you, even when you ignore me for days
    I don't understand why I still have feelings for you
    When you really don't give a **** about me
    **** feelings