• iwrotethatforyou 5w

    there's a country
    in your arms
    I feel,
    a holy religion I see
    as you look me in eyes
    your hands clutched together
    like a knot
    around my back
    there's a prayer in
    your voice I hear
    there's calm
    I seldom meet
    if you're not around.
    there's a temple
    in the spaces of your fingers
    where mine meet
    to take the vows
    of holding onto us
    when bad things try
    to break us apart.
    there are ringing bells
    in my heart
    our song I always listen
    through yours
    there's a sweet river
    on your lips
    you taste like nectar
    as you kiss
    oh how I forget
    to talk about your laughs
    I could hear them my whole life
    like an innocent child
    filling every corner
    with a bright light.
    there's hope
    when you call my name
    like a victory in a war
    there's a lot to speak
    about you
    but alas!
    every poem falls short.


    *i write good sometimes ��
    this would definitely be my own favourite

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