• nirmaldicaprio 6w

    What is this feeling of being along?
    I feel like I've felt this before somewhere...
    It feels so good to talk with someone,
    It feels even better to walk with someone,
    Lie with someone and to smile with someone...
    Have you ever felt alone even though you're along with someone?
    It's like I don't know where to walk and when to stop walking?
    Where to run and when to,
    Just stop talking...
    Is it easy for you to say whatever you say?
    You forgets everything in a night's away...
    You were never this or I never saw you like this one...
    Maybe I am softer than I think of myself,
    And that is why small things affects me as a sum,
    But I wasn't like this,
    I wasn't broken or wrecked,
    I just felt longing for someone,
    And now that someone has many names......