• jerith 10w

    Secret Rebellion

    Her cleavage commanded attention,
    Mesmerized by her hazel eyes
    And caramel smooth thighs
    "Bath and body works" grabbed his nose,
    Hypnotize by her sweet smell,
    Nails and toes nicely done he wanted
    To suck on.
    Her backside was like, "KOWPLOW!"
    If only he could get his hands
    In that soft thang.
    Sex on his brain and his focus was to
    Try and hit that like a "pinata"
    For a sweet feel.
    His game was strong as he flexed his
    Charm telling his character to hideout,
    But unaware she was on a mission as well.
    Damaged by so many men, once married,
    Got cheated on and caught an incurable
    She cried, and was so hurt,
    She wanted to commit suicide,
    But her anger wouldn't let her.
    She invited the devil into her heart
    And appealed herself to lure men.
    Motel 6, 1:40am, clothes come off,
    She sucks him dry and with a smirk
    On her face, she lays on her back
    And begin to spread,
    He Inserts, and he's enjoying every thrust
    While her moans fueled his ego.
    They finished,
    Her mission was accomplished
    As days later he pees to feel burning
    Only to discover a disease he caught
    And this woman was never to be seen again,
    But now this fellow has to explain this to
    His wife.

    "Fine" doesn't mean you're safe, "Sexy" doesn't mean your "Disease Proof." Be careful!