• rebeljones777 10w

    Lazy excuses/ It's not our fault

    As the muse inside cries for a scribe, there will be no ghost writer here,
    I got this voice behind my eyes
    that tells of a history of too many
    tries to get it right.

    It seems we will never get it right.

    Theres no hope for the mind
    that wants what most don't
    even understand,


    they call me mad,
    in a world that dies
    trying to get a diagnosis for
    "It's not our fault!"

    "We didn't have a choice.
    We were never allowed a true voice
    to express just how we felt!"

    A world full of excuses,
    afraid of being judged just,
    always looking for the fastest
    easiest route out.

    Thats why we never learn,
    evolve, or really move forward,
    because why fix what we dont
    know shit about,

    or take the time to even learn about what keeps us stagnant and divided, because in our childish minds it's not our fault.

    Coaxed into lazy thinking...

    We blame getting handed the shit card, the lack of motivation or smarts when in all reality its comfortable ignorance that leaves us in a state of laziness
    that gets us stuck!

    Did ya get offended just now or did ya catch on that I put myself in this category as well?

    I have not once excluded myself in the faults of what's wrong with this world.
    I know my wrong doings all to well.
    They are my own personal inner corrider of hauntingly guilty hell.

    But what I have found out upon accepting these truths is that theres so much more about us that we are eluded by program from learning about.

    Step back slow down, and listen to your own internal sounds as your spirits voice and truth shall then ring out, speak out and and show those looking for change how to reach deeper than they ever have to learn how.