• anuragsaha2 5w


    It is now your life to be alone,
    Don't refuse this dome!

    Don't shed your woeful tears,
    They are your precious gears.

    Bear the pain of the brown oaken coffin,
    And try to give your last deep blessing

    They are no more.....

    But don't try to epilogue this,
    Try to do this!

    Tomorrow you are alone,
    No one is there known.

    Aid yourself if you get hurt,
    Scrub yourself if you get dirt!

    Wash your own crockery,
    But no pleas to them for going bakery.

    It is now your life, to be alone.

    No crying out now, if you are stuck in a bog,
    Try to come out alone.
    No one to dry now, your drench clothes
    Try to dry them alone.

    Always, keep them in your heart and go alone
    Because it is now your life, to be alone!
    - Anurag Saha.