• bhawna__ 6w

    Please Heaven tell me your address.

    You didn't allow me the love of elixir.
    If I could say more, even then I was not so sure,
    Our conversation was never gonna end,
    But the desires of those walks on a single shore,
    From the day to the night, I wish I could have
    that beautiful memory, and still I'll say it beautiful shade.
    So he didn't allow me the colours of the sky,
    that kisses my eyes,
    And then he said the Love is my eyes,
    Maybe he is a little angry with my absence,
    Maybe he is more in love with my soul,
    And today he is unknown to this early morning,
    He is known to every season of the day,
    But where is he,
    In the abode of heaven, I mean
    Even I wanted to say those goodbyes to this world,
    I wanted to say it without saying it,
    and I wanted to say it without breathing and was beyond the ambit,
    But he said that unsaid goodbye with an intention,
    He made an anonymous identity when called me a mysterious abode of some little ocean,
    And now the wishes in those invisible evenings.
    And again this morning greeted me with some unexpected tanning,
    I was a stranger with some moments,
    and I missed something more to the real sand.
    And I couldn't think of more painful roars,
    Could you see the silence and numbness anymore?

    I don't know if the love is completely drowned in the unseasonal tears,
    or hidden behind the darkness from the fear of that bright sparkling light.
    But I had eye contact with my self,
    and we had locked those moments in the forgetfulness.
    Still in the deepness of the sleepy valleys,
    and it was just about the love for dreamy arrays.
    And he disappeared with his magic when wished all the happiness.
    Left the words of welfare and safety without any sadness.
    When the hope for me was just his smile,
    He left with the opportunities that he knew I am gonna fly.
    For me to say that,
    That go and now live like the strongest heart.
    And he took away the smile of my eyes,
    But I promise I'll still smile your beautiful rhymes.
    He took away the slumber and peace of those rhymes,
    But I'll find the lonely and beautiful skies.
    He took away the tears of mine.
    No, I'm not crying.
    If you're listening to my sobbings.
    This is just I ate more of chocolates with some ice.
    Now tell me, isn't that the colourless love,
    Tell me, that it is not the rudeness,
    Yes, we will call it the sober star that shines.
    It will help my heart to live in a while.
    Please, name my eyes to love again.
    And become the rainbow of my little hopeless eyes.
    Please, write my words in yours again,
    when your humour disappears the pain.
    And become a poet for one more time for me.
    Just for once,
    For the morning that just happened,
    till the next dawn in your heaven.
    And again, then always, and then forever,
    It is just love, right?