• pa_luck 6w


    I'm tired of being tried
    tasted and then tested
    of being heard, yet unheard
    for being vulnerable but volatile
    about being called, just a victim
    while i was actually butchered
    over no promises, as they say
    to let freedom be the only connection.

    I can't blame or put it on flame
    I can't name it as betrayal
    as words are universal lairs
    and i should have been aware
    before being pealed and painted
    on sand shores, as tides just come
    to wash you away, but never stay.

    They set, their own set of rules
    for their entry and their exits
    As ex is such a perfect prefix
    for that may be an experience
    or a way of their existence
    and I'm just another experiment
    but they are exempted,
    from any examinations and trials.

    They walk over me, walk a bit faster
    rather run to catch a road
    out of my death well, a quagmire.
    They jump and skip few black blocks
    over my chest, a chess board,
    bore inside me and get bored
    Of being mind mates as
    a king and a queen, in beginnings
    to end by declaring, checkmate(s)
    where i get lost in a love
    while they just get lost.


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    You weren't a player
    But you played safe !!