• manal_khan 30w


    They happily stepped out of their houses that day,
    Without knowing, the things would go worst this way.
    The time when they were hurt so brutal,
    By those men so cruel.
    They gave them the pain of that kind,
    A pain that cannot be defined!
    And yet, up in the heavens,
    Those girls might be hoping and looking down with a cry,
    But they would only hear,
    The noise of the hopeless sigh!
    I wonder if they'd feel,
    Being a girl is a curse,
    Because surviving in this nation,
    Is getting worse!
    And now that When we leave our houses..
    Our parents tell us to be extra cautious,
    Now, it's not just because of affection,
    But it's because of a threat,
    When things might become so horrifying?
    That it will lead to pleading for mercy and pitiful crying..?
    Since we live in a nation,
    Where a woman's dignity is broken into fragments,
    And these fragments are crushed beneath our feet!
    This was the time when their souls were hurt,
    With such gruesome and merciless dirt!