• iam_rawwn 10w

    Kids out there

    I go out and see other kids having fun,
    Realizing that i used to be one of them.
    These trust issues never lets me have a friend
    Because i keep on thinking they'll be on my neck like a venomous serpent
    Choke me or spit poison inside of me
    And see me die inside when they leave
    Sad thing is that childhood never comes back,
    If it would I'll lock it up in my bagpack.
    And lock it inside till i become a ghost
    But why to trap something you love
    With the fear that it would be lost
    To love something is to let it go
    And if still stays with you then it is part of your soul.

    Sometimes i feel nothing that doesn't makes me heartless,
    These old happy memories in contrast
    to my panic present jus makes me feel so hopeless.
    But maybe I'll have fun one day
    Like other kids out there,
    And be comfortable sharing the same air.