• agrani 23w


    Rectifying the linear thoughts
    In a circular motion,
    Mixing it all up with a whirl,
    And then comes the hope
    In the darkest survival
    Without the linearity,
    Yes, the emotions are inked to exist that way

    The ballads of sounds
    Ranging in ears,
    Making the graveyard of mind
    Which was like a dead aura,
    Jumping with joy in toes,
    Yes, the emotions are enjoyed to exist that way

    The eyes
    Making pixelated images,
    In love it becomes blind
    With heart,
    Hiding the act of life
    With a sudden change,
    Yes, the emotions are framed to exist that way

    In summers the rain,
    In a book the adventures with vain,
    In the daylight the stars,
    These all are rarely noticed,
    As Miracles comes with instincts
    To exist i must say.