• sanjay_writes 31w

    When I saw her
    my Rose
    I never knew I could find one like her
    What has my soul missed I thought I never knew
    The lines of life came to me,
    Now the words of the story fit.
    But as a book one shuts when done reading.
    I have lost her
    Never to find another
    There are other flowers, other fields, other places
    Only her, only one, her.

    Possibly one night, possibly one thought
    I will be remembered I will not be forgotten
    She might remember me, possibly
    She might think of me, possibly
    As waves come to her feet

    The nights alone, the desires thought in my mind
    Flows as the water, calm but missing the ocean
    Possibly one night, she might smile thinking of me
    Possibly one night she might remember my name

    What I feel, her bright eyes, her body on mine
    My soul cannot have, my fingers can never touch.
    Possibly one night in the moon she will
    Remember me, face, body and my soul
    Clear and with a tear.
    I have lost her
    The Rose is redder then others
    Sweeter in the aroma
    All gone, all vanished, all in me

    Waters edge,
    Possibly she sees my face in her heart
    Possibly I might still be in thought
    I lost her,
    That's all I know

    I cannot have what I desired all my life
    Who makes fate for me?
    Playing so hard to make me beg life
    I cannot have what I needed all my life
    Her...Her love.

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