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    Philippines Inter-Agency Task Force on emerging infectious diseases came up with the idea of #bahaymunabuhaymuna. It simply means that by staying home you save lives. Otherwise, the COVID19 will continue spreading and the mortality rate would scale up. This hashtag encompasses each and everyone not just physically, emotionally, and mentally but spiritually as well. It reminds us not to value material things but to appreciate the people around us especially our loved ones for life is short. The unpredictability brought by this pandemic disease has left us to be more cautious of ourselves and our environment.

    There are positive and negative effects on this issue by staying home, one has more time to evaluate his status in life. His relationship with his love ones has been closer than ever, personal issues have been tackled more profoundly. On the lighter side, undiscovered places inside the house have been discovered. Social distancing and community quarantine have been effected.

    On the other hand, boredom strikes to the majority. Lack of discipline amongst us was observed. Livelihood has been greatly affected. Education has been hampered. The worst part of this pandemic is the loss of our loved ones and we cannot be able to give them proper goodbye nor decent burial.

    As the calamity rages on and with no available cure at hand. This, we are left but to seek the intercession of the Almighty. We should look back and reflects on how strong our faith is. As we face each morning healthy and sane, we must cherish and be thankful for a new beginning full of hope. ❤

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    A reflection on the pandemic