• jocund_chum 23w

    First Love

    Turning around the corner i saw him
    After years of separation
    My heart still craved for him
    In the anticipation of being seen by him
    I hurriedly changed my direction
    My heartbeats accelerated at his sight
    He still looked the same
    But if only more handsome than ever before
    It is rightly said
    First love is hard to forget
    And my first love was just standing around the corner
    With his arm around the waist of another woman
    My heart sinks at the thought of him being with someone else
    He moved on
    And yet here i stand
    Where he left me years back
    With same feelings that i had for him
    My heart still fluttered at his mere sight
    I really need to move on like he did ;
    But my stupid heart does not let me.....