• improbabledreams 6w


    "Excuse me mam,I'm the father of rohith menon who are studying in tenth standard here.I want to meet his class teacher." The man who are well suited and booted said to the lady in office room.
    "okay sir,I will call her.please wait outside."she said and took the receiver of line phone.
    "Excuse me sir,are you the father of rohit menon?"He turned to the direction of that sound.He saw a lady whose stubborness was clearly visible on her face."yes."He replied gently.
    "what a father you are!.Don't you have any responsibility on your son?.We conducted more than two parent's meeting here.But you barely came for that.Even yesterday we conducted a meeting ,but you didn't come.I know you are a single parent,so you have to be more responsible right? If you want to see your son's progress report you have to see our principal sir. please come with me."
    He didn't respond anything.He agreed to see the principal by nodding his head.
    "may I come in sir."she asked while entering into principal's room."sir,this is rohith..."
    Before she completing her sentence principal came towards them and held his hand tightly and said...
    "Thank you so much doctor sir. The nurse told me, Yesterday you had an important meeting,yet you stood there for saving my son even after your working time.I don't know how to express my gratitude to you..."principal couldn't complete his words without sobbing.
    "sir,please don't say thanks.I just did my responsibility,that's it.I AM A DOCTOR."he replied .
    By fidha k m