• trees_are_life 24w

    A lovers outing

    Hand in hand
    Giggles and laughter
    You joked around to here it
    You looked at me to see
    A smile on my lips
    And a sparkle in my eyes
    Eating lunch together
    A conversation came about
    And a smile graced your mouth
    With the comfort of your heart
    Final activity for the day
    We stared at the clouds
    While warmth was shared
    In a lovers embrace
    And beauty of love
    Covered this day
    The clouds our eyes to see
    Our hands the lovley feeling
    To know that someones there
    To share their life with you
    And ending to our day
    A long lasting hug
    Full of reluctance to leave
    Finally a farewell
    Left with a promise of together again soon