• vanderkerrith 26w

    Drifting on the surface of the ocean floor
    No direction no affection i feel no more
    Where i end up aint bother me anymore
    So on my mind shifting i need the drifting to help restore.

    I have no anchor but i still thanked her for a lovely stay.
    Now its understood and this i really should, see that shed soon go away.

    What pity i feel so shitty i just wanna rebuke.
    My motion sickness i wish to dismiss and i want to puke.

    My lovely sunset i never regret laying on horizons edge.
    I know you are worth it i truly admit this i want to pledge.

    Time is my healer but inside i still feel her even more this afternoon.
    Day and night is passing this feeling is still lasting and worse on a full moon.

    Nothing may fix me floating on the deep seas hear the water trickels in the nights dark.
    Nothing lasts forever only the inner treasure but it can disappear if i just see a shark.

    So on my mind straying journey guess you never knew me, now i only hold my fishing rod.
    Through this hurricane floating in the rain all what was clear soon turned into mud.