• stark_poetry 11w

    This is less passion and sad boy hours and more emotion, but happy boy hours will be here momentarily.

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    Imagine holding a key
    Running your finger along it's edges.
    The jagged points and curves forming shallow answers
    To a question you don't know.
    I imagine that's what fate feels like.
    I may have held it out in front of me like a blank page
    Just waiting for words to appear,
    But the question was never important.
    I had the answers for when it came.
    I think for me it was the greyish hues
    Of emotion.
    The red of passion, the blue of tears, the black of nothingness,
    And everything I've ever felt pooling up.
    When I dive into the future,
    I stand blind and ready for the next color.
    I hold my key in front of me,
    Ready for the lock to appear.
    I wonder if I'll reach it.
    Whatever this destiny is.
    Or maybe the key is merely there for hope.
    Either way, I run my finger along it's edges
    And press forwards through life.